Seth Kniep

Co-Founder, Just One Dime

Hopeless, frustrated, $24,000 in debt, and working for the richest company on the planet, Seth decided to change his life.
So he set out to double a dime 20 times.
On a single dime he built multiple multi-million $$$ eCommerce companies, selling on Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and investing in real estate.
With a team of coaches and 20+ staff, headquartered in Austin, and a community of hundreds of thousands of eCommerce entrepreneurs in over 100 countries, Seth and his team teach students how to start, build and scale eCommerce companies that turn into passive income machines on Amazon and beyond.
Today, Just One Dime has trained multiple students into millionaires and countless students into over 6 figures a year.
Seth and the Just One Dime team teach others how to make their money go to work for them so they can do the things they love with the people they love, wherever in the world they love. 

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How to Find a $10k/Month Product to Sell on Amazon

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