Chris Anderson

Owner, Superhero Sellers

Chris was born about 500 feet from the original Burlington coat factory, coincidence? Probably.

Chris got his start in business at the age of 13, when he found a lawn mower from the trash and started mowing lawns. Within a couple years he had a thriving landscaping and snow removal business. He then found eBay and never looked back. He was selling yard sale finds on eBay, even buying scrap machine equipment and stripping them down to parts to sell on eBay. Around this time Chris got his first real job and realized, it really wasn’t for him. But Chris has worked a lot of jobs over the years, from grocery stores, to selling jewelry. He Even worked in the pharmaceutical process industry designing printing presses.

While in high-school Chris started building battle-bots (No he was never on the show, yes he made robots and won competitions). In order to fund his hobby he started making titanium wedding rings and engagement rings and selling them on Etsy. Around 2007 Chris was one of the top 10 sellers on Etsy by gross sales, and was a featured seller several times. His jewelry business was so successful that he dropped out of college, where he was studying engineering, to pursue jewelry full time.

After several years making engagement rings Chris did a Kickstarter, which was very successful and ended up more than triple funded. At that point Chris was trying to figure out what to do with his success and investigated selling his engagement rings on amazon. After a little research it turned out the be a terrible idea, but he found out about retail arbitrage, and he was hooked. Since then Chris has been doing amazon full-time, but is still active with jewelry making and engineering. You will often find Chris in his workshop tinkering with CNC equipment and 3D printers or some invention.

Chris is working to finally bring a jewelry product to amazon, along with several private label products. His business is currently a small warehouse with 2 full-time employees and shoppers all over the country. Chris also runs the consulting group Superhero Sellers which does everything from Private label consulting to running a BOLO group for almost two years. He has done RA from coast to coat and will continue to do so, because he loves it so much, despite growing his wholesale portfolio.

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